Monday, January 19, 2015


On the edge of the world, away from the cities and country towns, far removed from the centres and fringes of the not so civilized, a gentle breeze waved across the earth. To the far horizon not a single form of life stirred. Indeed, except for the slight movement of the disturbed air, you could be forgiven for assuming another plane of existence was at play. Planets come and planets go, you would think, and matter moves from one to another. Yet despite the sense of logic, this was no easy dilemma.

Beneath the earth, at the very edge of the world, something was at play. Heat and pressure, peace and war. If only the cycles of day and night were as clear with intent as the forces that rumbled beneath the dandelions.

More than two days’ ride away, much further by foot, Macy and Angelo were at play. Their feathered bed was alive with the act of love and as they panted and thrust to the moon above, the centre of their world exploded.

History would report the events of the next four days and nights with reverence and a sense of unfamiliar awe. How could it be that the planet’s continuing spin across the universe depended on such an unlikely couple at such a critical time in such an ordinary place?

At the edge of the world, shapes are indiscernible. Tell me, when you look, what is it that you see?


Saturday, January 17, 2015


Weather it rains or whether we laugh
a twist on a simple thought
crosses to bear and crosses to fill
sometimes a win with a nought
love to a hate and hate to a love
is never a way to a heart
give it a go and see where you end
you’ll finish right back at the start

and tenderest touch is never too much

never too tough will be
the pressing of flesh a will to impress
a kiss and a hand on a knee

move for a move from left to the right
and right to the left with a slide
whispers and sighs the magic of life
and the closed is flung to the wide
far out to the stars to the heavens so far
past comets and planets of blue
further and further through far outer space
to a world that’s spinning for you

so wonder with this of the turns and the dance
of the moves that come with a start
give it a go and see you where you end
it might be a way to a heart…


Thursday, January 1, 2015

What word best summed up 2014 for you and why?

I'm very picky with whom I give my energy to these days. 
I prefer to reserve my time, intensity and spirit 
exclusively to those who reflect sincerity.

What word best summed up 2014 for you and why?

For me it was evolve.

The words to a LeAnn Rimes song spring to mind...

"I will learn to let go what I cannot change
I will learn to forgive what I cannot change
I will learn to love what I cannot change
But I will change, I will change
Whatever I, whenever I can..."

So, what about 2015? Well, you’ll have to wait. I know what my word for 2015 is, and I’ll blog about that next year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Love & Loss

They don’t have eyes the young boy said they don’t have eyes at all
How do they see the colour pink or watch a waterfall
They don’t have legs the young girl said they don’t have legs at all
How do they walk from here to there or walk the shopping mall

They don’t have arms the young man said they don’t have arms at all
How do they hold their one true love or catch a falling ball
They don’t have ears the young girl said they don’t have ears at all
How do they hear their one true love or know the bellbird’s call

They have it all the old man said they have it all its true
They have their one and only love and that will surely do
Oh yes we do the old ma’am said we have it all it’s true
A heart to love for evermore and that will surely do.

So ponder think and ruminate and wonder at this find
That love survives despite all loss in the palace of your mind


Saturday, December 27, 2014



Flying high the cooling air the rise of icy wisps
Embers fade to ashes grey upon each slumber’s kiss
Skimming low the heat again the flames upon the night
Orange glow against the dark the sparkles in the light
Running far this love that soars while wrapped within her arms
Magic on the turn of stars her wonder and her charms
Emotions slide against the breeze the moonbeams sweep the dark
Glances locked for all of time the grace of love’s own park
So gently now with comfort’s ease emotion’s sweet release
Love and all our lovers’ bliss at home with love’s sweet peace


Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Wrap Up

Image source: Shabby Vintage Junk

Little Green Vintage American Tootsie Truck & Christmas Tree 
One of Heartpoet's gifts.
(More to come on this topic next blog post).

Our Christmas Eve/Christmas Day was spent at home this year in air conditioned comfort. Lovely and relaxing. Our menu Christmas Eve (we held a lil gathering) looked a lil like this...

4 homemade lick ya lips delish dips served with grissini sticks, melba toasts, rice crackers and Turkish bread.

French cheeses - brie, camembert and blue with fig jam, nuts, dried fruits and fresh seasonal fruits.

Spit-roasted free range chickens served chilled with stuffing (Jamie Oliver's recipe).

Hand carved double smoked leg ham, a big wedge of Ashgrove vintage cheddar, balsamic onions and a pot of New England larder chutney with a selection of crusty bread and sourdough rolls.

Homemade hash browns.

Homemade salads - Red potato salad with speck and dill aioli, Greek salad with meslun leaves, dodoni feta, kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes, red onion with an olive oil and herb vinegarette, and Chickpea salad with roasted pumpkin, spinach, mint, coriander and a spicy yoghurt dressing.

Sweets - a variety of decadent festive small cakes and slices, fresh strawberries with cream and or chocolate dipping sauce and a boozy white chocolate and cherry ice-cream cake (made by heartpoet).

Pink champagne, spirits, variety of boutique beers, ciders, soft drinks, iced teas and bottled spring water.

Christmas Day and Boxing Day (today) have been spent to this point lolling about with plates of leftovers watching new release DVDs (Christmas pressies), repeats of various carols by candlelight and the Royal Variety Performance.

Heartpoet is working this arvo as is Brenton. I have plans to potter. A general tidy up, a load of towels and another of colours to wash, and give myself a mini facial and a fresh mani/pedi. Early evening a long walk with our lovable furry big boy Silas is on the cards. A simple pasta dish is planned for tonight's dinner. Recipe of mine posted *here* (substituting left over Christmas ham for bacon). Leftover Christmas ice-cream cake for dessert. Heading to the movies over coming days. Lots of great movies open Boxing Day in cinemas in Aus. The beach and the rainforest will also get a look in. Catching up with friends/family etc. Brenton has asked nicely if we could please drop him off at the cricket match this Sunday at the Gabba Brisbane (he is meeting up with other family), then pick him up after. Tis difficult to find a car park during big events and will save him the hassle of catching the train. So my Poet (who is currently injured - story for another day) and I will drop Brenton off then may stay in the city for dinner and a movie to kill the time before picking him up. Will see how Heartpoet is feeling closer to the day.

Heartpoet and I surprised Brenton a beauty present wise this Christmas. We updated his iphone for him some months back as an early Christmas pressie. What he didn't know however was a painting that he had coveted for some time and had made plans to purchase in early Jan 2015 found it's way into his bedroom Christmas Eve. The look on his face when he entered his bedroom on return home from work that night was priceless. "Heyyyy that's the painting I was talking about Mum and Stu" said with a confused look on his face. "Really Brenton?!" hehehehe. Took him a few seconds and then the penny dropped. "You guys got it for me???" He questioned with a massive smile on his dial. Heartpoet and I just smiled. "Fully sick" were the next words to tumble out of his mouth. To say that he was both surprised and thrilled was an understatement. In the week leading up to Christmas I had to listen to Brenton talk of how he planned to fund this purchase. From savings and cash gifted from friends/family for Christmas. Whilst prattling on about his plans Brenton was clueless to the fact that the painting had already been sold weeks before with a planned pick up date set for Christmas Eve. The artist (in on the surprise) was told to fob Brenton off if he contacted him earlier than anticipated. Heartpoet worked his arse off for that painting. He absolutely adores Brenton. As I have mentioned numerous times this pair have a wonderful relationship built on love, trust, loyalty and respect. Makes my heart sing. Next blog post I will share a photo and the interesting story behind the painting. I will also fill you in re pressies gifted to heartpoet and myself including ones from Brenton's friends who dropped over in the lead up and on the actual day itself and blew me away with their kind/generous hearts and the heartfelt words they directed my way.

Time to light a heavenly scented vintage cup and saucer 
candle (Parisienne Pear scent) and get my butt into gear!

Was your Christmas merry and bright? Do share?

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

~*Peace On Earth - U2*~

Morning dearhearts

May your Christmas sparkle with moments of love, laughter and goodwill.

As you decorate every nook and corner of your home, relish the goodies and enjoy the get-togethers...

May the joy and festivities continue to radiate in your lives, long after Christmas is gone. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year - from my families hearts to you and yours!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Colours Of An Island Christmas

"It's that special time of the year
365 days and we're finally here
Hey happy people, come together, gather round now
It's Christmas in the land of The Dreamtime, 
Southern Cross twinkling up in the sky
Island Christmas
My Island Christmas..."

~*My Island Christmas - Christine Anu*~