Sunday, August 17, 2014


I live in a house on the edge of a park with the two sparks of my fire. They each keep my embers burning and I crackle invitingly at all hours of the day and night. Without them I would have floated off many suns ago to the dreamy place where nightmares roam. I love and adore them for who they are.

I have 'family' some of whom I have not seen for a long time. Moments catch me, sometimes once a day, sometimes more often, sometimes less so but always they catch me. I sense a falling through blue sky, the rushing wind racing, contorting and twisting with the passage of time. Yet I do not regret their absence. I cannot control their choices nor manage their outlooks. They are adults and sometimes life is simply life. I have learnt this through living.

In my fifty nine years on this speck of a planet in this unbelievable universe I have learnt frustratingly yet joyously that life is about many things. Holding on and letting go, dancing and sleeping, smiling and tears. We humans are a peculiar breed of organism though having said that we need be careful we don’t over estimate ourselves. We have powers of deduction and reason, and yet, clinical though they might be, they struggle with the tidal waves of emotional bliss and despair that sometimes returns us weeping to the safety of the womb.

We create music, theatre, song and dance. Art in any form, created by anything and anyone, can make us skip a beat and soar to the heavens with joy. We are also an organism struggling with a sense of organic wretchedness. For some detachment rules the soul. We are spread over many lands, connected yet disconnected, caring but indifferent. I have yet to learn how to reconcile these extremes.


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Quick Update - Heartpoet's Health

In response to the numerous caring emails and sprinkling of comments left here on my blog requesting an update regarding round 3 of Heartpoet's skin cancer treatment....

A third operation is required. The Specialist explained the area involved is near a  facial nerve (jawline area)  and facial paralysis can result. He went on to say that he is fairly confident they can avoid that however he must mention it as it is a possibility. The operation is booked for next week. We then await the results from pathology. If they have still not managed to get it all plastic surgery and or radiation therapy will follow over coming weeks. I am so hoping that this next operation closes the book on this health issue for Heartpoet. It's a definite worry! We have a big week coming up next week - Heartpoet's operation followed by Brenton's 21st Birthday.

A big thank you for caring.  Promise to keep you posted.

Will leave you with one of my soul-mates beautiful poems...

The Beat

lighter than the lightest ray
the moonbeam sweeps to earth
nestles in the nearest heart 
and there to love gives birth
the beat pulsates a single time
to glow with inner strengths
and searches for the one to hold 
o’er calm and wondrous lengths

one day not so long ago
I felt the moonbeam land
and hover just a little while 
‘ere reaching for my hand 
and thus it came to pass in time 
such a little while ago 
that she who shines eternal light 
surrounded with her glow 

so take your notes of silent rays 
and take them to your heart 
for one day you might also find 
some peace in someone’s heart.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014


*image source - pinterest*

They had met near McCabe’s, a well-known guitar shop not so far from the Santa Monica beachfront. She with wide rimmed sunglasses, a tan straight from a bottle of coconut oil and a smile that lit the night sky not far above the nearby Pier. He had sensed her rather than seen her we should add. She was a glimpse from the left hand corner of his line of vision and for some reason known only to the gods of love he had turned to her direction.

At that precise moment she had stooped to collect her mobile that had slipped from her grasp and as she rose from her stoop her eyes had caught his. A brief exclamation mark hung between them until suddenly she turned and strode away. He had no option, no sense at all you see of any control in the matter, but to follow. This was to be the start of a torrid affair, full of thunderous and at times torrid love, and the storm that was rolling in from the ocean at the time only served to emphasise the point.

Love has its own mysterious ways, we know – and this story indeed has a long way yet to travel.


Monday, August 11, 2014

Love in a Predawn Glow

Love in a Predawn Glow

lingered glance to blushing cheeks
fingers drawn to lips
tremble in the predawn glow
tingles on the tips
rapid beats of dancing hearts
for two are there to count
a single touch to light a flame
of passion peaks to mount
bodies brush the senses lift
tenderness sublime
heated breath upon the air
suspense suspended time
heart-blood racing through the veins
a pre-lit stoking fire
timber crackling on the air
passion and desire
heat and breaths a gasp a groan
pink skin on the floor
whispers slow on urgent cries
crying out for more
tongues and touch to raise the arch
the backs and curving spine
kisses in the danger zone
a sense of danger’s time
climbing every moment’s pant
each one a gasp a scream
holding on for third degrees
the flames the heat the dream
and as we reach the mountain tops
arms and legs entwined
a single breath escapes the room
the nearest star to find
so rest my love and drift to sleep
within your predawn glow
hear this whisper in your dreams
I will always love you so


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Time to delurk dah-links!

I am always amazed humbled and appreciative in regards to the number of page views The Serendipity Cafe blog receives. Whilst we get lots of lovely comments on our blog posts many readers never leave a comment. And that’s fine, I know not everyone wants to jump in and comment. But every now and then I get curious. Will you satisfy my curiosity for me? Today I am inviting everyone to open up on the comments section of this blog post and let me know you’re out there!

For me personally, getting a comment is more along the lines of validation that I/Heartpoet wrote something other people deemed worthy of reading. I absolutely LOVE it when a fellow blogger, or reader, can identify or connect with our words. It has also been such a delight for me personally discovering so many gorgeous souls from the land of blog who share a similar heartsong to myself. So if you have not commented before or haven’t commented in a while, would you please take a moment to drop me a comment on this blog post to introduce yourself and say hi?

And for all readers (not just the lurkers) if you're feeling up to it:

Where do you live?
What keeps you busy? 
How did you find TSC blog?
How long have you read TSC blog?
What keeps you coming back to TSC blog?
Any particular likes :) or even dislikes :-0  re TSC blog? 
Feel free to hit up either Heartpoet or myself with any burning questions you may have and/or let us know what you would like us to blog about here at TSC blog for the remainder of 2014.
Even a simple "Hi I’m here! I read your blog!" would be great!
Please also let us know if you’re a fellow blogger so that we can drop by your blog and say hi.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Black clouds swirled the lightning struck
 and screamed through running blood
Groans rang out upon the night as the fear began to flood
Beneath the floor the dust was stirred the sound of knocking leapt
Creaking now the nails broke loose as the bony fingers crept
They crept upon the nightmares dark they crept upon the weak
Leaping on their dreams at night their weakened hearts to seek
They stole the sun they stole the moon they stole the heaven’s light
These tortured souls upon this place had only seen the night
They lurked in corners dank and damp they hovered in the shade
Lost between the curtain folds where silent evil played
So listen now to the silent chill the creeping edge at play
As temperatures begin to drop as the night destroys the day
For darkness covers all their tracks – and they’ll be coming soon
Reaching out with bony hands - to scream you from the room!